Find the deer…

As I was driving up the Wilderness Lodge driveway recently I notice a “white tail”…. then another, and another, and another. I counted a total of 8 deer that started making their way to the ridge line.  The most deer I’ve seen gathered together here.  When they reached the ridge they formed a single line and went on their way.  Unfortunately, I did not have my zoom lens with me to get close-up photos. However, here’s some photos where the deer are camoflauged by the woods.  See how many you can find in each photo! They’re there you have to look closely, and maybe enlarge the view.  This photo was edited to enlarge to see the deer staring at me.



We will be leaving corn at Wilderness Lodge for guests to spread, and maybe you’ll see deer, too!






New addition to Wilderness Lodge… coming soon.

On occasion John who is the owner of Wilderness Lodge will ask me (Susan) “what can we do to attract more people to Wilderness Lodge, what can we add, do different?”  There are more vacation rentals available in the Hot Springs area every year, so we have to be competitive with other businesses, yet set ourselves apart from them. While I can suggest different discounts, and minor changes to the decor, a BIG change or addition hadn’t been a thought… until now! 

Wilderness Lodge already has the most popular vacation rental amenities… hot tub, fireplace, privacy!  So, I saw something on the internet that I thought was an interesting idea, but it wasn’t the most practical in the form shown. But, I mentioned it to John, and after more research and discussions we agreed… let’s add something unique, something that no one else has in this area.

We are building a deck by the creek to place a TIPI on for use by our guests! There will be a campfire, and picnic table located nearby for your use, too.  Our hope is that adults and children will find the tipi to be a fun addition at Wilderness Lodge.  We also want your feedback if you have the opportunity to use it!

There is more detailed information about the tipi on the page “NEW IN 2018!”